Quality Assurance Plan

The hallmark of Louis C. Villafana & Co. Ltd has always been the unquestionably high quality of goods and services, for which we are well known. As such, (i) ensuring the high quality of our delivered products and (ii) ensuring our customers are satisfied are of paramount importance to us.

To this end, and as part of the process of determining the objectives of the project, we clearly establish our quality objectives and in so doing, we define the level of quality which we are aiming to achieve.

An important part of this process is the clear definition of the roles and responsibilities of team members as they relate to the project being undertaken and the congruence between their roles and responsibilities and the desired level of quality for this project.

It should be noted that quality assurance is a crucial part of our overall project management philosophy, thus our quality assurance plan must be infused with our risk management, resource management and change management planning process. Further, each and every identified task, role and responsibility in this project must be related to the quality management objectives.

Our technicians and their assistants test and calibrate all of our products and equipment before delivery and installation. Further, our technicians are present upon delivery and actively engage in installing, testing and demonstrating the products/equipment to all attending parties. The supplied products and equipment also have warranties and we promptly respond to any concerns regarding any quality/operational issues of said products and equipment.

If any problems are encountered during installation, our technicians will be on site to manage and solve any such problems if they do occur. Non-conformity has never been a tangible issue for Louis C. Villafana & Co. Ltd as we engage in a detailed analysis of the product requirements of our clients before we engage in the ordering process. We take pride in the expertise that we have thus gained in more than half a century of operation in the medical business.