Louis Carl Villafana- FOUNDER

CARL LOUIS VILLAFANA was born in 1926 in Belmont. The second child in a family of 6., he attended Richmond Street Boys School, as he was always proud to say.

He left Trinidad in his late teens and migrated to ARUBA where he gained employment with the LAGO OIL COMPANY.   It was through his brother in-law ELSIO that he met VISIA (fondly known as Didi) who would later become his wife.

His first son Renny was born in ARUBA. and several years later he brought his family home to Trinidad where he started his business at 4A Bombay Street and where it is still going strong today.

His first venture was marketing Scuffy Shoe Polish. He was also proud of this product and many a time he would relate stories about it. He then entered the field of Television where he virtually introduced Televisions in this country even before there was any Television Station here.

Finally in his restlessness he found his niche in the Medical Field and in his quest for excellence he sought to ensure that any product he marketed was the best.

In 1961 Ray was born.   His 43 years of marriage is an indication, that if nothing else, he was an exceptional husband. With his two sons in the business is also an indication, that he was not a bad father.

Renny bringing Annie into the family circle, completed his happy family since she was the daughter he never had. Then Nabila and Giancarlo came   along.  He doted on these two apples of his eyes. Biba & Botchi as he fondly called them.

He was a man who commanded respect and his generosity, loyalty and integrity   could never be questioned. Few people in today’s world possess all of these qualities.   He sought neither fame nor glory and his unselfish nature and love for his fellow man, was evident at all times.

This could be said of him throughout the years he served the Lions Club of Port of Spain Central. His dedication and contribution to the Health Services in this Country and to the Medical Profession as a whole is widely known and will always be remembered.

John Public was well aware that they could rely upon him at any hour of day or night to render service whenever needed. His genuine love for all those things was only exceeded by his love for his horses  (fondly referred by him as his four legged children whom ) sadly in 1990, when he  first became ill, he was forced to give up because of an allergy.

He was well known for his tales of his travels and to anyone whose ear he could   bend, he would relate his theories about Super Eve, Lucy and the book he wanted to write and subsequently started. He was devoted to his sisters Yvonne and Dorienne and his brother Bertram.

His staff was his extended family and he fostered a loyal and united brotherhood   within the office, which was unparalleled.