Health, Safety and Environment Plan

We, at Louis C. Villafana & Co. Ltd have a very clear health and safety plan. This plan encompasses both the needs of employees, management as well as stakeholders.

We have developed our plan—being mindful of Occupational, Health and Safety legislation and as such we have clear goals, objectives, practices and protocols with regard to employee health, safety and wellbeing in our workplace. We acknowledge the right of every employee to work in a safe and hazard free environment and we are committed to minimizing and eliminating organizational hazards which can cause accidents and injury.

Employee safety is of paramount importance and as such we supply our technicians with all the necessary tools and safety equipment in the performance of their duties and tasks, as well as the requisite training in the use of such. In the medical business, effective sanitation of equipment and premises is a must.

To this end, all equipment entering into or leaving our premises are sanitized, and with environmental awareness in mind, we dispose of our spent sanitation chemicals and agents using eco-friendly methods and practices. We have contracted a health and safety officer who ensures that our health, safety and environmental plans are congruent with the overall goals and objectives of our organization and stakeholders—and this officer is always present during delivery, installation and commissioning of supplied products and equipment.