General Project Methodology

A Louis C. Villafana & Co. Ltd strives to adhere to industry relevant and modern tenets of project management best practices. Contemporaneously with the initiation of the project, we develop a clearly detailed project plan that encompasses a clearly defined project scope and understanding of the vision of our clients—in order to meet their goals and objectives to the best of our ability.

We establish a detailed timeline for the management of our projects and pay particular attention to the scheduling and coordination of the identified resources needed for completion of our projects, both within the specified time frame and within the specified budgetary allocation. We place significant emphasis on monitoring, controlling and taking corrective action as the project progresses.

To this end, we see effective internal and external communication as being crucial to successful completion of our projects. Thus, keeping our clients informed of the progress of the project, any problems or setbacks encountered, and any corrective action taken is deemed to be of the highest priority. We aim to deliver, install and commission our equipment with a timeframe of 60-90 days from the award of the project.