About Us

Who We Are

For over 50 years, Louis C. Villafana & Co. has been on the forefront of providing health care professionals with the highest quality medical equipment, supplies and services in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.  We are a family owned and operated company that was founded by Louis Carl Villafana and his wife Visia Maria Villafana in 1960.

From the Company’s humble beginnings as a mom and pop business, Louis’ and Visia’s mission to ensure the People of Trinidad and Tobago receive first world healthcare has been instilled in three generations of our family.  Our values are what drive us to promote and maintain the highest quality equipment in our twin island republic.  Our belief is that our investment in our country and our people through the provision of cutting edge medical devices and supplies available worldwide, will not only expand treatment options but will improve the quality of care and effectively reduce cost for Trinidadians and Tobagonians.

What we offer

Louis C. Villafana & Co. is a sole, exclusive and authorized distributor of Hospital, Medical, Surgical, Laboratory and Mortuary equipment and supplies, which gives our Company direct access to manufacturers.  Direct access to manufacturers keeps our Company abreast of cutting edge equipment, equipment upgrades, original consumables, parts and accessories.

Our Company is comprised of medical consultants that are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs.  Our factory trained and certified technicians provide equipment evaluations for resale and insurance purposes, equipment refurbishing, maintenance, and equipment servicing in our fully equipped state of the art service department.

In addition to our customers who are private individuals, and private companies and organizations, our partnership with the Ministry of Health furthers our mission to provide first world healthcare to the people of Trinidad and Tobago.  We provide equipment, supplies and services throughout the sixteen hospitals and 120 health centers located in the five Regional Health Authorities of the Ministry of Health:

North West Regional Health Authority      South West Regional Health Authority

Eastern Regional Health Authority             North Central Regional Health Authority

Tobago Regional Health Authority

Renny Villafana, the oldest son of Louis and Visia, was a driving force behind the creation of the Company’s Biomedical/Service Department in 1977 and its subsidiary, Villafana Home Health Care, both the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago.

“Bringing health care home” –- Renny Villafana

Villafana Home Health Care, which first opened its doors in 1988, is the fruition of Renny’s vision to provide dignity to the sick and elderly in their own homes.  Villafana Home Health Care offers quality rental equipment and supplies through two divisions: Rentals Division and Repairs and Services Division.

Rentals Division provides rental of hospital and medical equipment and supplies.

Repair, Service and Preventative Maintenance Division is comprised of our qualified, factory trained technicians and provides 24-hour service for all equipment sold by the company, as well as equipment purchased from third parties.

At the core of Louis C. Villafana & Co. are a family and a Board of Directors who boast over 75 years of experience combined in the health care equipment and services industry.

Ann-Marie Villafana

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer
Raymundo D. Villafana

Director & Services Manager, Product Research and Demonstration Departmen
Nabila Villafana

Director, Human Resources and Customer Service Department


Giancarlo Villafana

Director, Purchasing & Customs Department, Product Research and Technology Department

We are here to meet your needs.   If you have questions regarding our equipment, supplies or services, or an item that is difficult to find, please contact:

Giancarlo L.R. Villafana or Nabila M.T. Villafana

Louis C. Villafana & Co. Ltd.
#4A Bombay Street, P.O. Box 3066
St. James, Port-of-Spain
Rep. of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Tel: (868) 622-3279, (868) 628-0189 or (868) 622-6053
Fax: (868) 628-1826
Mobile: (868) 373-5214

Standard of Excellence

The standard of excellence set out by our Founder Louis C. Villafana and maintained by his heir the late Renwick [Renny] Villafana is today being upheld by their heirs the “third generation”.

The Baton has been passed, the excellence continues – LCV & CO. LTD will continue to provide support and maintenance for all Equipment supplied to all of our customers.

Wholesale & Retail from "WOMB to TOMB'
Consultancy for private/public medical facilities
Installations by experienced and trained professionals
Maintenance/Repairs by full-time service department
Home Health Care equipment & supplies
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Meet the Team

Giancarlo L.R. Villafana

Director, Purchasing & Customs Department, Product Research and Technology Department

Mr. Giancarlo Villafana is the grandson of the Company founder – the late – Louis C. Villafana and son of –the late- Renwick H. Villafana. Mr. Villafana represents the second half of the third generation. Like his sister before him, Mr. Villafana grew up in the Medical Equipment Supply business.

However, unlike his sister, Mr. Villafana stayed behind and learned the inner machinations of the Company from his Father and Mother. It is from this “behind the scenes” vantage point that Mr. Villafana accrued an abundance of prime experience “in the theatre of war” in every imaginable area of the business – Stock Taking, Administration, Rental and Service/Repair, Marketing, Procurement, Tendering, Product Research and Demonstration then finally to Management and Accounting.

Young Mr. Villafana has proven his worth as being a valuable and resplendent feature to the Villafana Family and Business Team and is committed to continue “the vision” like his Father and Grandfather long before him to carry forward, to expand and enhance with excellence the quality of life for all people of Trinidad and Tobago and the entire Caribbean

Raymundo D. Villafana

Director & Services Manager, Product Research and Demonstration Department

Raymundo D. Villafana has been involved in Louis C. Villafana and Company Limited from birth having been born a year after the company came into establishment. Unlike other Members of the Team, Mr. Villafana prefers to work in office behind the scenes and manage the Service Department.

Nabila M. T. Villafana

Director, Human Resources and Customer Service Department

Ms. Nabila Villafana is the granddaughter of the Company founder – the late – Louis C. Villafana and daughter of –the late- Renwick H. Villafana.

Ms. Villafana represents one half of the third generation. Growing up in the Medical Equipment Supply business and walking the corridors of Health

Institutions throughout Trinidad and Tobago with her grandfather and later her father, Ms. Villafana gained a wealth of firsthand experience in ALL areas of the business from Administration to Marketing, Procurement and then to Management.

Ms. Villafana is a valuable asset to the Villafana team and is committed to continue the vision to expand and enhance the quality of life for all people of our Caribbean Basin.

Ann-Marie Villafana

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Ann-Marie Villafana joined Louis C. Villafana and Company Limited in 1977 whilst on vacation from University.

Over the last thirty-six [36] years, Mrs. Villafana has earned a vast wealth of experience in ALL aspects of the business having worked alongside the late Louis C. Villafana [Company Founder] and her late husband Renwick H. Villafana [Renny] who were both pioneers in the Medical Equipment Industry; by setting standards which have today been adopted by other companies and institutions in Trinidad and Tobago.